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How Delcas Auto Is Elevating Their Service With Our Cutting-Edge Equipment

How Delcas Auto Is Elevating Their Service With Our Cutting-Edge Equipment


Advanced Collision Repair Solutions is proud to share exciting news from one of our distinguished clients, Delcas Auto. In a visionary move to elevate their services, Delcas Auto is on the path to achieving OEM certification, an endeavor that sets a new bar for excellence in the automotive repair industry.

Spotlight on Technology: Empowering Delcas Auto with Spanesi Touch and PTI.S7

In their quest for excellence, Delcas Auto has partnered with us to procure two of the most sophisticated pieces of repair technology – the Spanesi Touch electronic measuring system and the PTI.S7 spot welder.

Spanesi Touch: The Future of Measurement

The Spanesi Touch system represents a leap forward in precision diagnostics. Delcas Auto’s investment in this technology signifies their commitment to delivering repair work that aligns perfectly with manufacturer standards,                                                          guaranteeing the utmost accuracy in structural integrity.

PTI.S7 Spot Welder: The Apex of Welding Technology

The PTI.S7 spot welder, known for its superior inverter technology, provides Delcas Auto with the ability to perform spot welds that meet and surpass OEM requirements. This equipment ensures that each repair is not only strong but executed with efficiency and precision.

Be Like Delcas Auto: Transform Your Business

Delcas Auto’s initiative is not just about enhancing their own service offerings but also about inspiring the industry at large. Advanced Collision Repair Solutions stands ready to assist other forward-thinking businesses in making similar strides.

If your establishment is looking to follow in the footsteps of Delcas Auto and step into the realm of OEM certification, we are your go-to source for the equipment that will set you apart.

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Let's collaborate to redefine industry standards and enhance the safety and satisfaction of every vehicle that comes through your doors.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your spot welders OEM certified?

Yes, our spot welders are OEM certified!

Do you offer training for my team when I purchase?

Absolutely! Our expert engineers will be readily available to head over to your site to provide training. There will be a hands-on demo, FAQ, and much more. We'll ensure your team has everything they need to be successful with our equipment.

What is your warranty policy?

All equipment has a 2-year warranty and all equipment will be serviced in our facility located in California.