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GYS Airfix Draw Aligner : Changing the Dent Pulling Game

Revolutionizing Auto-Body Repairs: The GYS Airfix Draw Aligner

Auto-body repairs require precision and efficiency, and the tools used can significantly impact the quality and speed of the work. One such tool that has transformed the landscape of dent removal is the GYS Airfix Draw Aligner. This innovative equipment is not just another addition to the workshop but a game-changer in handling dents and deformations in vehicle bodies.

Designed for Excellence

The GYS Airfix Draw Aligner stands out with its patented design, which incorporates a non-glued, recessed seal easily replaceable in just moments. This feature is particularly noteworthy because it simplifies maintenance and ensures the tool is always ready for use without long downtimes for repairs.

Robust Capabilities

With a pulling capacity of up to 770 pounds and a maximum pulling height of 52 inches, the Airfix Draw Aligner is equipped to handle a wide range of dent removal tasks. The crank winch of the aligner uses a Ø6 mm wire rope capable of withstanding up to 2200 pounds of tensile strength, making it both durable and reliable for repeated use.

User-Friendly Design

Weighing in at only 68 pounds, the Airfix Draw Aligner is lightweight enough to be maneuvered easily within the workshop. It includes a slide system that allows for quick height adjustments without the need for tools, and an angled gear that facilitates downward pulling, enhancing the user's ease and comfort.

The equipment also features a suction cup plate equipped with four rubber pads. These pads are crucial as they absorb the shearing forces generated during the pulling process, which helps maintain the integrity of the tool and the vehicle being repaired.


Quiet Operation

Another significant advantage of the Airfix Draw Aligner is its low noise level. Thanks to a high-performance silencer, it operates quietly, making it suitable for workshops located in noise-sensitive areas or simply for maintaining a more pleasant work environment.

Mobility and Convenience

The aligner is easy to move around the shop, equipped with two wheels for better mobility. This portability is a critical factor in busy workshops where space and quick access to tools can significantly impact workflow efficiency.


The GYS Airfix Draw Aligner is more than just a tool; it's a vital asset for any auto-body specialist looking to perform top-notch dent removal with efficiency and precision. Its design and features reflect a deep understanding of the needs of auto repair professionals, combining robust functionality with user-friendly elements. Whether dealing with minor dents or significant repairs, the Airfix Draw Aligner is poised to deliver excellent results, making it a must-have in the field of auto-body repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your spot welders OEM certified?

Yes, our spot welders are OEM certified!

Do you offer training for my team when I purchase?

Absolutely! Our expert engineers will be readily available to head over to your site to provide training. There will be a hands-on demo, FAQ, and much more. We'll ensure your team has everything they need to be successful with our equipment.

What is your warranty policy?

All equipment has a 2-year warranty and all equipment will be serviced in our facility located in California.