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A timeless collision repair tradition

Spanesi does not offer tools that collision repair technicians have to adapt to; we make tools tailored to technician's needs.

More than 50 years of passionate innovation

Spanesi Car Service Model :

  • Products Testing : New products are tested in a "real world" body-shop before being sold to the glo0bal collision repair industry.
  • Worldwide Model : Each year, visitors from all over the wolrd are attracted to the Spanesir Car Service facility. It represents the standard for state-of-the-art body-shops around the globe.

Spanesi Touch

Meet Touch, the Electronic Measuring System for collision repair from Spanesi. It allows you to quickly and accurately measure any vehicle on any bench, rack or lift. Or even the floor. It is versatile and compact - a complete system to help you work smarter, better and more efficiently.

Experience excellence in auto repair with Spanesi frame benches, now available on ADVCRS. The image showcases the robust construction and advanced features of Spanesi's frame benches, ensuring precision in vehicle alignment. Elevate your collision repair capabilities with these state-of-the-art benches, designed for efficiency and accuracy. Trust ADVCRS for access to top-tier Spanesi solutions that redefine automotive frame straightening

Spanesi 106 Bench

Spanesi's 106 Series Straightening Benches are the world's most advanced structural repair workstations and are designed to produce repairs that meet OEM repair standards for all vehicles and all repair type severities.


he PULL UP! repair system is the latest Spanesi innovation, which utilizes suction cups, glue and slide hammers to produce flawless panel repairs.
Suitable for both steel and aluminium substrates, straightening is performed from the exterior of the panel or lining.
Spanesi’s exclusive glue formulation facilitates difficult repair procedures to be completed on rocker panels, roofs, dog legs, door sills, along body lines and pillar locations.